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new to EC pre-req's

  1. 0 New to EC not officially enrolled yet but looking for some input on straigterline for english and/or any other pre-req's. Does EC only except a certain number of credits from outside schools? I am having a hard time getting started because I'm trying to get all my pre-reqs under me belt before I enroll due to finances.
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    If you enrolled after October 1st EC will only accept 7 ACE credits (Straighterline, Penn Foster). But the CLEP and DSST exams are not limited, so that might be an option for some of your pre-reqs. If you need a&p, psych, soc, life span and info lit you can do a&p through straighterline (6 ace credits), info lit through penn foster (1 ace credit), psych and soc and life span/human growth through CLEP or DSST. The CLEP and DSST can cover alot of the humanities credits, and then the rest through EC. You'll save a few hundred clams that way