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  1. I graduate from practical nursing program in January. I am really interested in attending Excelsior for RN. I just want to know how other people's experiences were with doing this. Cost? How strict the program is with tests and clinicals? Any info would be appreciated. My husband is active duty army and this program would be great since we move so much. Thanks.
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    The only clinical is the CPNE exam at the end which is a 3day test of clinical proficiency/demonstration of clinical competency.

    This is why only presently licensed LPNs, paramedics, RRTs and certain military medics are eligible for the program.

    The exams are single exams administered at certain Pearson test sites. One prepares independently for the exam based upon the exam content guide (syllabus). There are now classes with tests & assignments that can be taken instead of the challenge exams.
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    A couple of links that might be helpful, from the FAQ section at the bottom of the EC forum:
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