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  1. 1 Hi all just started EXcelsior college ,my co worker went thru it , starting with microbio to complete my prenursing ... Humbly ask if any1 knows best study guide out there ,I've heard about chancellor learning system n distance learning inc both from Indiana ... Any info will be of great help.
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    moved to Excelsior Forum
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    How do u mean ? Pls further explanation ..
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    You do not need to go thru anyone Excelsior supplies everything you need and you cut the middleman out saving you $$$$
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    Taking micro with excel ,pls any helpful tips
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    Hi MuyeeNY I private messaged you
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    I ended up getting the Micro books for a LOT cheaper than Excelsior's bookstore. I got mine used but not written in through amazon and the textbook I got from someone on Craigslist.
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