Looking for study partners in NC

  1. 0 Got accepted and enrolled in Excelsior ASN program. Awaiting official evaluation, but based on my unofficial eval I will just need my 8 theory exams, FCCA and CPNE (and IL - but doing that through Penn Foster in a couple of weeks).
    Anyone located in the area of Fort Bragg/Fayetteville NC looking for a study partner? I am looking to bang this out as fast as possible and get to work. I am starting with Repro just because I am already a FL licensed midwife so I am hoping that exam will be like a review for me. Then going to do Health Safety,Health Differences, and the LS exams in order (while studying for transitions all along - not big on dates/names memorization!)

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    Did you ever end up going the Excelsior route?

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