life span 3

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    I did my practice exams I for an 88 on one and an 80 on the second one. Am I ready for the real test?
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    I think you are, I got 62/67 on the practice exams and got a B on LS3. Be confident and believe in yourself. Good luck!
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    I keep hearing that this test is the hardest one. Did u think so? If so why?
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    I get to take this tomorrow; I didn't find the practice tests too hard either. I will post how it goes tomorrow.
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    Good luck on Ur test. Let me know how u do.
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    Good luck Peterjoy93!
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    Passed LS3!! Bring on the FCAA!!!
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    Congrats Peterjoy93! Taking Transitional next month so we will be taking the Nov FCCA together.
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    Transitional was very boring for me. History and dates; UGH!