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    I'm taking my last and final exam Transitional tomorow, will be so happy when it's over. FCCA here i come!
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    Great job! and Good Luck with the FCCA
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    Congratulations, I just enrolled in Excelsior and I am preparing for the health safety exam.
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    I'm taking that one on the 3rd of november, let me know how it goes.
    Good Luck to you.
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    It was a hard one for me but i pass.
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    Quote from BLAKEY2005
    It was a hard one for me but i pass.
    Congrats!! How did you prepare, I'm just starting and this will be my first exam...plan on taking in mid November.
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    make sure u read the textbook. i also use studygroup101 for this one and the practice exams!