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Information Literacy

  1. 0 I know it used to be an exam, but they decided to make it an 8 week course. Has anyone done it? How time consuming/difficult is it?
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    It is an 8 week course, but it can be completed faster than that. It took me a few hours to knock it out. It's pass fail, so no worries about getting a good grade.
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    Did you buy the books medic625? Do you feel they helped you? I have heard a lot of people saying it only takes a couple hours and books are 135 so I would prefer not to buy them if they are unnecessary......
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    I didn't buy any books for the info lit course. I just used google for any questions I had.
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    Great news! I was planning on doing the same. Especially after reading how expensive it is. Just seems like excelsior wanting more money