i figure it cannot hurt to ask regarding CPNE | allnurses

i figure it cannot hurt to ask regarding CPNE

  1. 0 Would anyone studying for CPNE like to be my study buddy? i know all mneumonics for labs and Areas of Care. i have read the study guide 4 times. I am ready to get this done. Please inbox me. I tried epn ots request no success.
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    hello where are you testing, do you know when you are testing? I am beginning my studying and would love a study buddy!! I am testing with MPAC and I don't have a date yet. Found out yesterday (after I spoke to them) it probably would be October or November (Sad face) But it will give me plenty of time to practice and I took a fur-low at work so I am free almost always. Let me know thanks
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    I am need of a study buddy, too! Just inbox me ....

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