Got my CPNE date today! Gulp! Got my CPNE date today! Gulp! | allnurses

Got my CPNE date today! Gulp!

  1. 2 Well I got my CPNE date today. I will be testing July 19-21 at St. Mary's Hospital in Madison, WI. Anyone else testing that date/place? I am also scheduled to retake my English Comp exam April 13. Very stressful next few months for me. I am scared to death about the CPNE. I have everything I need to study, but still having a hard time getting started. I did receive the critical elements flash cards from Excelsior. Those seem like they will work well for me to study. Good luck to everyone else also.
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    I applied to the mpac at the beginning of march. Hopefully soon... Did you apply back in January or march?
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    Beginning of February