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Got my CPNE date!!

  1. 0 Albany Medical 9/28-30 SOOO happy!!! Gives me plenty of time to study--skills kit still not here yet. Any words of advice on Albany Med?? How is the hotel? It looks like a decent sized medical center. Many peds patients?? Anyone else testing that weekend??
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    Wow - you have two dates before I have! I was contemplating jumping to NPAC, even called SPAC yesterday to see if there were any cancellations (none). Its been almost 60 days since my app became complete. SO tired of waiting.
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    wow!! You might want to consider flying up here...A few people on here have and they have not regretted it! Maybe you could call NPAC and see what is available the month you want to test before you make any moves.
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    I got my CPNE date for 12/7/2012 in Utica, anyone else on that date?