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Finally Passed the FCCA!!

  1. 3 Third and final time but I passed!!! Yippie! Doin' the happy dance right now! Please don't ask me any questions about the test because I will not answer or respond, I hope you understand. Sorry, it's against the rules.
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    Congrats!!! I passed both as well!
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    Congratulations!!! My only question....what does FCCA stand for?
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    Focused Clinical Competency Assessment.
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    Congrats!!! Closer to the finish line!
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    Good for you. Where will you be doing clinicals?
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    I am looking at the Atlanta testing sites, they do not have the Florida site available at this time.
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    What books did you purchase to help with the FCCA? Is their a special edition for the Med-Surg Book? Where did you purchase your books? Anyone else with answers plz respond too. Thanks
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    I was told that all the same books you used for the nursing exams are the same you will use for FCCA