Excelsior NJ

  1. 0 Anyone doing excelsior lpn to rn in NJ?
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    NJ medic to RN here...
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    I am in NJ and doing LPN to RN, Taking LS2 next Friday! Praying to pass!! I also know 3 others in NJ who are doing the program.
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    Where in nj are you guys? because im looking for study buddies im in middlesex county
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    I am also doing the excelsior program online, do any of you know anything about the 8 week online conference they have the nursing tests? I've been debating onwhether or not to sign up for it...Thanks
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    The next online conference for nsg theory begin June 4.
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    I just finished the Excelsior Program. I am from Woodbridge, NJ.
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    Anyone from nj doing the excelsior program?
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    jinmoreno77 Are you done the the program yet?

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