1. 0 I will be testing at Grady 9/21-9/23. Is anyone else tagging along?
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    Quote from Caribbean LPN
    I will be testing at Grady 9/21-9/23. Is anyone else tagging along?
    I will be testing at grady oct 5 . Good luck to you . All the best
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    I have just submitted all my docs to Excelsior...The website says it might be 4-5 months??? Did this happen to you? I submitted to take the CPNE in Atlanta, but I have a girlfriend who failed her first go around and took the second CPNE at Grady and raved what a difference it was! She said Grady was an awesome experience! SO I am hoping to schedule there...I have done a lab but that was last summer...thinking of paying to go back for one day and bone up on skills. I have ordered a box of supplies from Excelsior and am planning to get going practicing with those...how did you prepare? I am hearing a lot about Sherri Taylor...I am a bundle of nerves and I don't even have my test date!!!! Good luck to you!!!!

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