Connecticut EC grads/students

  1. Hello. I live in CT and I want to start EC. Yet am not sure if this is a good route. The colleges and universities here are very competitive and my A&P grades are not that high. I really want to become an Rn but I don't know if EC route is the best. Please help.
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  3. by   Irina CT
    I also live in CT and I am an Excelsior student. I found this way of getting RN the hardest one. It is easier to enter then traditional school, but it is very difficult to pass the final exam - CPNE. I am still thinking about traditional route although I am doing well and didn't fail on any examination. They don't offer clinical-it could be a big disadvantage. It is very hard to keep yourself focused and motivated.
  4. by   Peterjoy93
    EC is not for everyone. If you have doubts then it's not for you.