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    Was anyone able to transfer in their anatomy classes from LPN school?
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    I would like to know too. This is a good question.
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    I was just wondering haven't applied yet trying to get in all the prerequisites first. Not worried about the new rules bc I have another year on my anatomy if they even take it.
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    Usually EC will only grant credit if you earned college credit for your LPN classes. Can't hurt to try, though!
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    Excelsior is in New York State, and they do not usually accept LPN credits. Since LPN is certificate and NOT degree, they won't allow it. If you took Anatomy & Physiology at another college, they require an RN-level course. For example, Monroe Community College in Rochester, NY has an Anatomy 3-credit course, and a Physiology 3-credit course = 6 credits. Since LPN courses aren't considered "full body" courses, they can't be transferred. New York state is goofy.

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