AASN vs. ASN to get the BSN? AASN vs. ASN to get the BSN? | allnurses

AASN vs. ASN to get the BSN?

  1. 0 Ok, I am confused. Can anyone explain the difference between:NURSING - ASSOCIATE IN APPLIED SCIENCE & NURSING - ASSOCIATE IN SCIENCE?What I want to do is get my RN degree and be able to work as a RN while continuing to go for the BSN. I want which ever degree that will get me there. So, if I get the AASN, then I could get the BSN?Thank you in advance!!
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    If the program is accredited and you can sit for NCLEX at graduation then you are a RN. If your program is accredited then you will be able to get your BSN. The associate in science and nursing clearly states it is a nursing degree. Usually the difference in the programs can only be answered by the programs. The job market is pretty rough right now and many new grads, I wish you luck.
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    A couple of classes. Not important to the process of getting the license or getting a job post graduation. You can find out the specifics by looking on the school website, in the college catalog, or by speaking to an advisor.
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