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  1. I have plans that when Im finished my BSN and worked for awhile in ICU /trauma,and after getting my Acute Care Nurse Practitioner licence,to go into business for my self as an expedition medic,"Expedition ER"(some other training will follow for wilderness EMT,diver medic,maratime/helicopter rescue) . I have a design for a portable,field deployable ER/ICU that would be treating patients in a wide degree of risk level enviorments (first class medical care,in third world conditions),such as commercial fishing ships,off shore oil,wilderness travel ect.The technology is there that can make that happen(a large thanks to the military for that) and from my research,the market is there,but what do you think? and oh yes,I know about the cost of equipment and keep in mind,I would be treating relativly healthy and young people who have had some kind of acute illness or trauna while far away from medical attention.Thank y'all,James
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