Thinking of starting a new community for new grads

  1. i was thinking of starting a commuinty for new nurses to use as a resource . the website would help the new nurses network with each other to create assistance in helping them find work , any thoughts would be great

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    Check out our gold toolbar links: Career | Jobs

    Many nurses post job outlook queries in each states forum located here: U.S.

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  5. by   medsearcher1
    ohhh i get it now , i saw some of the links i kept reading all the bad stories out there for new grads and how they were having trouble finding work . it was heartbreaking to keep reading stories of loss and people giving up . i thought i could help with a community . after seeing the links i guess their is already help out there .
  6. by   Tbone97
    I am think about starting a business teaching new grads electronic medical records so that they are prepared for the workforce.
    any ideas how to start?