Please Help, advice needed

  1. I am a RN with over 15 years of experience in various area. I have worked in the ER, med-surg, home care, critical care, disease management and my most favorite position as an educator as a high school teacher. I would like to start a business involving teaching but just can't find a way to get started. I know that I want to offer retraining for CNAs (yearly requirement) and childcare centers this would include CPR training. My issue is getting started. How do you charge for services, should I buy my own equipment, should I market using brochures or just plain business cards with a letter? I know I won't get rich from this but I will be independent and happy being my own boss. I am a survivor of domestic violence with 4 minor children. I work exclusively on the weekends so that I can take care of my children and I have an SUV. I do plan on working from home and have seen independ contractors offer CPR training but not retraining for CNAs or even LPNs in nursing home or assisted living facilities. Does anyone have any helpful tips or resources. I live in Georgia.