Opening My Home Health Care Agency

  1. I am in the process of opening my own Home HealthCare Business in the state of GA. I am at the part of the process where I need to apply for my CON, Certification of Need. Has anyone successfully gone through this process? I know its the same process for other states. It can't be that hard, because Home HEalth Care agencies are popping up everywhere. Just want to do the process right, the 1st time, the application fee is $1000 here in Ga.
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    Well, i like this site recently discovered to me, thx to the managers
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    Hi Jay. Did you ever get up and running? I'm in Augusta and I'm looking to start a non medical home care service. Do you have any pointers for success?
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    We are starting a company in MA which is not a CON state BUT that being said we hired a company out of Florida that has all the stuff you need policy and procedures etc etc... including a person to help you with the CON stuff.. Feel free to hit me up and I'll pass along all the info I can.

    Tks JD