Nurse Owned Home care/home health Franchise

  1. Does anyone have an feedback or experiences with any home care franchises. After 13 years of being a nurse I have finally decided I am in a place where I can do what I have dreamed of for years, open my own home care business which will include medical/non medical care for my community. I have a great deal of experience in this business and and excellent business partner that is familiar with running this type of business. I am leaving a 6 year VA nursing job where I was making great money and benefits, but I lost my drive and passion.
    I am in the process of consulting with several companies, but it is difficult to decided which company can provide the best framework for success and line up with my values.
    I am planning to do both medical and non-medical care.
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  3. by   samgordanRN
    Have you looked into Medical Staffing Consultants? They are a company that has a ton of experience and have helped entrepreneurs establish their own staffing companies. Only downfall is they are not a franchise, BUT no royalties is a plus.