msn nurse wants to open Private School of Nursing

  1. Hello Looking for anyone that has knowledge of opening a nursing school. I am looking to opena nursing school California Area. Thanks for any help.
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  3. by   xoemmylouox
    Shoot I wish more schools would open up in our area.. to long of wait! Your best bet is to talk to a program director at a nursing school in you area to start..
  4. by   msneducator
    Thanks for the encouragement. I know it will have to work.
  5. by   elkpark
    Actually, your first stop should be the BRN -- they can inform you about the requirements/standards you would need to meet (which are substantial -- opening a school of nursing is a very big deal), and you will need their authorization/approval.
  6. by   Yuliya3
  7. by   msneducator
    Thanks for the information...
  8. by   DorothyzbornakBSN
    did you finally open your school. i want to open one in nj. could you give me any pointers? thanks