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  1. Are there any footcare nurses out there? I am a self contracted foot care nurse and I am trying to find out what other foot care nurses are doing in the event of a nick/abrasion - for a standard protocol to follow, such as cleanse with NS, and apply topical ATB and cover with bandaid if needed etc. One nurse said she had her own, and also gave her patients a copy of follow up on how to keep the abrasion clean and when to call the Dr. etc. Any feedback and advice would be appreciated. Thanks ronnielane
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  3. by   Sandys Beach
    Yes there are tons. Vancouver island has a huge community of foot care nurses. You can find other foot care nurses by looking at also there is a Facebook page called Foot Care Nurses of Canada that is a good place to post questions and share in the foot care nurse community. Hope this helps.
  4. by   txspadequeenRN
    this is interesting...i never knew such a area for nurses existed....