Fitness Nursing or Nurse Health Coaches?

  1. Hello everyone!

    I have worked as a nurse for about 7 years & have quickly realized that I much prefer preventative care/education & just overall health & wellness for my patients, rather than "sick care." I also have a passion for fitness, more specifically strength training & I would love to be able to merge my nursing career & my passion for fitness, health & wellness into a successful company, maybe built & operated out of home until able to rent space.

    Do you have steps to take in order to make this happen? Has anyone successfully done something similar? If so, how did you go about doing so?
    OR even better, would you know someone I could speak to about getting this off the ground?
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  3. by   amoLucia
    You're new to AN, so welcome! There are several previous postings here - just search title of YOUR post title. (I saw a bunch.)

    The room for nurse entrepreneurs is also helpful.