Do you need special training to be a foot care nurse?

  1. Do nurses need any special qualifications to start a foot care business? I already have a business license and provide community health services and case management. I'm finding some need to refer to foot care nurses though and it got me thinking that maybe I could add that to my business plan.
    I've done simple foot care and lots of diabetic wound care. So assessing feet i'm comfortable with. We did a short foot care clinic while I was in nursing school and I've had some lectures on it more recently.
    Is it necessary to be certified if I just stick to more simple foot care (I don't want to use electric tools, I'll refer anyone who needs that to podiatry).

    Appreciate any input.
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  3. by   ehresources
    "If you have the knowledge and skill to perform the procedure" is a golden rule. Nursing foot care is in transition where more education than what is being offered during your regular nursing training is required. It has evolved (and continue to evolve) from an added nursing skill to a nursing specialty. You should check with the standards where you live. There are so many variations. Foot Care Nurses are advocating for a minimum amount of additional training and certification before you can call yourself a foot care nurse and offer the service as such. We're just not there yet....
    Hope that helps,