Disability Advocate

  1. Hey ya'll,

    I've been just lounging around reading some of the posts and ideas that everyone has to offer!!! (It's a good thing because sometimes, I don't have alot of free time!) Boy, some people really have some great ideas! (There was one about maternity scrubs . . . loved it!!!)
    Well, I wanted to ask everyone one has anybody ever heard about or has became a disability advocate (or non-attorney representatives)? Basically, you are specially trained to assist people to apply for disability. From what I have been reading about it, you won't be working for the Social Security Administration but after a while, you can become certified. Your educational background depends on how many years of experience you will need to become certified.
    Is anyone doing this, knows anyone who is doing this, or has thought about doing this? From what I hear, you can really make alot of money and your business can also be home-based. Any help on the subject would be appreciated!!!