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Work from home RN?

  1. 0 I have 2 kids and I have no family around to watch them,I was working as an cardiac operating room nurse.Me and my husband was planning to start a business,but it needs big investment.Is there any RN job I can do from home?Please help.
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    Telephone triage?
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    Thanks for the reply.where do I apply?Will my experience help?
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    Not too familiar with telephone triage myself, but there's a room here on AN (under Specialties) that can probably help you.

    And I think some insurance companies farm out chart review audits, but I have NO clue how to check these out.
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    Look for nurse triage, look for nurse abstractor.
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    Insurance companies sometimes use work-at-home rn's for utilization review and case management. Look under the specialties tab on AN for advice. Good luck to you!!
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    Thanks everyone