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starting an organization

  1. 0 After years of dreaming, crying, pulling my hair out and now finally the state seal of approval! I ahd no idea how difficult wanting to help was. After 23 years as a nurse i realized we had lost our " sisterhood". I founded Nurses of America to provide a forum for nurses. No politics. But sharing, caring and enjoying.
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    Could you clarify your post. Are you asking a question or telling us about an organization? I am not following....

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    To answer your question alittle of both. I was trying to see if anyone actually cared about a new nursing organization, and I was sharing my dream come true.
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    what new organization?


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    Tell us more, Nehi!
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    The name of the organization is Nurses of America. It is a new organization for nurses and nursing students. Check out the We are accepting memberships, and looking for those interested in starting a regional chapter. Any questions email me at