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RN Medicaid/Medicare Billing in NC

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    I have an NPI from when I was a self-employed nurse practitioner in SC (along with Medicare/Medicaid billing numbers). I now reside in NC and am trying to determine if RNs can bill services to M/M, and if so, what services can we bill. I've tried calling CMS in Atlanta and can't get anywhere (NPI office gave me the Atlanta number). My plan is to work independently as a RN (self-employed) and also for a company as an employee (RN). Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.
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    Can you work as a RN if you are a NP?
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    You can bill Medicare/ medicaid in NC as a Nurse Practitioner.

    You CANNOT bill Medicare/medicaid in NC as a RN.
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    I spoke with a company today , as of last year RN's are also able to obtain a NPI number and bill medicaid. Im trying to find out more myself, when I do, I will update
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    Thanks Rsquared,Times are rapidly changing in our profession so it's only a matter of time.