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  1. 0 I was wondering how you got started as a independant, I've worked through a agency for the last 7 years and have done the home care, LTC, and have tons on experience with alot of diffrent degrees of patients.
    So, I was trying to find out more from diffrent nurses who are independant's and have been doing it for a while so that I have a ideal of how to start, I know that there are contracts and forms to be filled out, not sure which ones and how to go about it.
    If anyone has any suggestions I would greatly appreciate it.
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    Awesome question. I was wondering the same thing. I've had a hard time getting information from the GA S. O. S. as to what is needed to remain in compliance while being an independent contractor of my own doing.

    Once you find out...I would also like to know

    I will keep investigating...and inform you as well.

    I am located in Georgia.

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