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  1. 0 Ok so I'm at the Florida School of Massage (awesome school btw
    and I'm trying to find grants to help me pay for this stupid loan I took out for this school...PLEASE HELP! I've been searching and nothing comes up. how did everyone pay for their loans? did anybody get financial help? this school isn't affiliated with fafsa (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) HELP!!! any imput would be greatly appreciated. thank you.
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    Most student loans hav a payment deferral where you don't have to pay it back until 6 months after you graduate. If your current loans don't offer that alot of banks do offer this with student loans. Alot of them would even offer to buy out your other loan just to transfer to them.
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    Did you check out Sallie Also your local bank may have a student loan program.
    Good luck. There is a rainbow ahead.
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    This is where I attended school. You will get a very good basic education here.

    I had to finance my schooling with private loans - Sallie Mae, Suntrust Bank, etc.

    Also, I wanted to mention that the school should help you take care of your financial aid responsibilities. They held my hand and walked me right through everything. I didn't have to "search" for my own loan or anything. They did it all. Have you spoken with the financial aid office yet?

    Also, be prepared to possibly have to pay a monthly fee is you have bad credit and can't get a co-signer for any loans (like me). I ended up having to pay $500 a month towards my tuition and had to move back in with my parents.

    But it was worth it in the end.
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