help in starting a medical supply business

  1. 1 good day everyone! i am a home health RN seeking help in starting a medical supply business. i have no business background. don't know where and how to start a medical supply business here in schaumburg, illinois or a different suburb of illinois. any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    You may want to start by contacting a local Chamber of Commerce or small business association in your area. Many times there are small business associations set up and their primary reason is to give guidance in starting your business, figuring cash flow and expense, whether or not your area is saturated in whatever field you want to start your business and such. I would think it might even be a good idea to contact some local pharmacies, they may have some ideas for you, as well. Maybe before starting your own business you could find a medical supply company to work part-time for to learn the business.

    Good luck!
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