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I have been interested in starting a foot care service for some time now and after reading posts from LoisJean feel this is something I can do. I would like to start out by receiving some kind of... Read More

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    Quote from sallyspring
    I am in Canada and did a training course here. You do need a course. Are you a nurse? RN/practical nurse.
    If not, do a course in the pedicure that the beauty parlour does.
    Look for courses near you.
    I have found several nurse foot care training classes in US as well as training via DVD. I am a RN with BSN. I am willing to go out of town to a training course with a practical component. I would certify in the area also. I am in Buffalo Ny, right across the border from Ontario, so this is why I wondered if training was offered closer to home. Thank you.
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    You can google footcare courses in Ontario and you will find lots of them. Many community colleges do these courses. Also google the canadian foot acre association. This is national association in Canada for foot care nurses. They will be able to help.
    You might also find it helpful to read all the messages as this topic has been covered extensively in the past posts. I would love information on training DVD's please.
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    foot & nail care rn advice,Please
    I am thinking about changing my nursing focus to be a CFNC. Is anyone a certified foot and nail care nurse? How did you find a job? Did you open up your own business?
    I really want to work for someone else but have called many Podiatrists and they are not wanting any RN's. I have even called the VA hospital's. I live in San Antonio Texas..... Thanks for sharing anything with me.
    Ruth RN
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    Clients can claim for footcare on income tax. You have to provide a receipt.
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    I recently started my own Foot Care Business here in Virginia.
    I did take my hands on training with RainierMedEd.
    and also took the Foot and Nail Care for Registered Nuses - DVD Series for 5.0 contact hrs. that the Medical University of South Carolina College of Nursing offers. Now I qualify to take the Examination for Certified Foot Care Nurse by WOCNCB - the exam cost $300. I have been doing foot care for my pt's for over 25 years and wanted to retire from my traditional nursing job to do "Nursing for the Feet!" LOL I am in transition as we speak.
    I currently work the night shift at my local Rehab/LTC facility and pursue growing my business during the day. NSO will cover FootCare Nurses for approx $600 plus annually - with general liability (recommended).
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    I to am looking to start business in foot and nail care going to peoples homes and see a great need for this in my area. Found a CFCN course to take next month. New at this any tips?
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    Feel free to email me directly I will be glad to share with you what I have learned about FCN and resources.
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    How do I PM someone?
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    "It is interesting that you mention olive oil Lois. Last summer I started making my own medicinal salves and use olive oil as my base oil. Last October I presented at the foot care nursing course in Winnipeg. My presentation was called " How to Incorporate Your Hobby into Your Business ". I did a slide show on making a medicinal salve. If anyone want the handouts for this, please pm me and I will email you back my recipe. It is really fun to be able to use something you make on your clients. And even better, it works! "

    Can you send me the recipe please?
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    Quote from Foot Care Nursing
    I'm new to this...but would like any information on setting up a foot care business any canada or getting in touch with someone who as...
    I' m a RN living in Northern Alberta..planning on taking a Foot care course in the near future.....
    Hi, I am an RN in London, ON. I am planning to take foot care nurse course in March end. Just wondering if you finished taking the course, and if you are practicing foot care nursing right now. Thanks.
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    Hi! Would you be so kind to send a copy to me as well? Thank you so much!
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    Good Morning everyone! I took the WOCNCB exam March 25th, 2011 - Hurray, I passed. Just so you all know this is not the end for studying and keeping up with trends, evidence based practice, etc. You have to recertify every 5 years to keep your Credentials. You can either take the Exam every 5 years or Do the Professional Growth Program. I to make my own soaps, moisturizers for myself and incorporated them for my Foot Nurse business. One of my favorite recipes is made with Shea Butter and JoJoba with essential oils. Feel free to email me directly at with any questions.
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    I just found a new listing for foot care training online in case this might help anyone.

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