Documentation in private footcare business

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    How do you document in your practice?
    I am in the process of settingup a footcare service and I have been given conflicting advise.From i just go and cut nails etc, no documentation to the full documentation.
    This is my idea:
    an assessment form for first visits and annually/as required if there is any change( history.feet,footwear, level of knowledge)
    flow sheet to document subsequent visits
    consent for treatment
    Documentation will state if home visit or clinic visit and any education provided
    Is this going overboard? Is it comprehensive enough?
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    I would post or ask these questions on the Facebook page: Foot Care Nurses of Canada, you can share info there as well. Where do you practice?
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    Labrador, Canada
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    There's also Canadian Association of Foot Care Nurses.
    And a new site as well. The facebook page can be helpful if you are a member of facebook. It's tough finding info sometimes. Do you have a practice group in your area?
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    What is the name of the FB site?
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    It's called Foot Care Nurses of Canada, you can search it in the search box on facebook.
    Hope that helps!
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    I document for each visit what I did at that visit (foot soak, cut nails, buffed or pared corns/calluses, drill to nails/calluses, lotion applied, referals, education, etc) and update their meds, health issues, etc. Initially and yearly, I will do a full lower leg exam/assessment and test pulses, sensory (monofilament), mobility, ankle/toe flexion/extension, med review, and health hx.
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    This is helpful

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