Diabetic foot care

  1. 0 I have recently taken a position as a "wellness monitoring" nurse. I have a patient that they have asked me to do foot care on: brittle diabetic (approx. 30 yrs). I did a good exam of her feet but not sure how comfortable I am with this. I haven't done bedside care for 6 yrs. now. Any advice or resources I can go to. I have a list of equipment (bath basin, trash bags, 2 sets nail clippers, alcohol) anything else? Thanks!!
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    I'm not sure about this one either. Is it a covered or expected service to be provided by HHA (with MD orders). Some agencies don't some do? Podiatry doc no longer reimbursed to do simple foot care such as clipping toenails if no other type of foot procedure done....
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    Watch for S/S of cellulitis in the extremeties. S/S include local tenderness, pain, erythema, malaise, fever, chills. Involved area is red, hot, and swollen.
    Cellulitis in the extremeties is common in individuals with diabetes.
    TX includes immobilization and elevation of the extremity to reduce swelling.
    Prevention includes good skin hygiene, avoid skin trauma, report early skin changes to MD.
    Antibiotics are used to treat cellulitis.
    Blood cultures, CBC, and even lumbar puncture (with suspected meningitis) are diagnostic.
    Treatement of tinea pedis is helpful in preventing cellulitis of legs.
    Avoid trauma to feet and legs.

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