What's your Kryptonite?

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    You know, your weakness ... your one "thing" that makes your stomach flip over when you see a patient with it/them/whatever. I had my first "maggot" patient recently (maggots living where they shouldn't be, you understand), and it really grossed many of my coworkers out. I was relieved to find that the maggots didn't bother me ... apparently my only Achilles heel thus far is nasty dentures, LOL -- EWWWWW.

    When I was a tech, I had a nurse offer me $5 to suction a patient because sputum makes her queasy.
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    Teeth things - oooh ick!!!

    Because I'm an APN, I get the non-emergent complaints so I do a lot of teeth pain issues.....oooohhhh ick!!!!

    I worked with a nurse once that couldn't do epistaxis - sent her over the edge. We would trade: one dental pain for one epistaxis....lol
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    Hahahaha!!!! At this point I have gotten over just about everything. But as a student - - peeled back a pt's gown, he had vomited on himself, and when the smell hit me, I turned and vomited into his wastebasket. In my evaluation for my clinical, the instructor suggested that maybe nursing wasn't for me!!!

    Also as a student - watched someone trying to start an IV on an elderly woman. About the 4th or 5th stick, I broke into a sweat, and the aide grabbed me and got me out of the room! I was later an IV therapist, and can still stick with the best of them. Although I've taught many people how to start them, I have to force myself to watch!!!

    When I was pregnant with my first son - now 25 - I worked in acute dialysis. Every time a pt threw up, I did too! Sometimes barely getting away from the bedside!!
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    The only time I ever vomited at work was my own fault -- it was a horrible day, we had two codes coming in at the same time, and I chugged a chocolate protein shake in about 3 seconds. I was bagging one code, and I suddenly knew I was going to hurl. I looked at one of my coworkers and said politely, "Can you take over bagging this guy?" She looked at me and said I was a lovely shade of pale green! I went to the staff lounge, up came the shake, I pinched some color back into my cheeks (or my charge nurse was going to banish me to sit down for a while!), and went back to the code. I never drink those things that fast anymore!!

    I had a patient with moldy dentures ... in her mouth. That made me queasy for a minute. Ugh!! Maggots living in patients? Not a problem! LOL. Go figure.
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    I can handle a lot of things, but mucus and the sound of someone blowing their snotty nose makes me cringe and want to gag/hurl. No probs holding the bucket while you vomit though.
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    I would have to say mine is when people are hacking and coughing up phlegm, that's the one and only thing that will cause me to gag.
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    Yeast infections on the skin.....you know...in fat folds. *GAG*
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    Toenails. BRRRRRRRRR. Or any toenail fungus/diseases. brrr.

    Also the smell from the g-tube. *gag*
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    I am sad to day I have a couple. 1. crusty dentures 2. patients actually eating stool 3. fake eyes.
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    I'm with Razi, the one thing that makes me gag is "fromunda cheese". Yarlp.
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