Trusted nurses

  1. According to this months Nursing 2003, nurses are
    back in the #1 spot of most-trusted professionals.
    We were knocked off our pedestal in 01 by the
    firefighters. Who do you think is the most
    trusted professional??
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  3. by   AngelGirl
    I haven't questioned the judgment of one yet. :wink2:
    I am a nurse but got to play veterinarian the other night. All of my ER patients were either very young (pre-verbal and unable to communicate their needs) or very old and demented (also unable to communicate their needs). Sounds like vet work to me (haha)

    We're #1, we're #1!!
  5. by   ladyjane
    even with all the cutesy prints we wear? go figure. anyway, it's about time!