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Starting in the ER next week!

  1. 0 This isn't really a questions as much as a "tell me I'll be fine" kind of thing.
    I worked for less than 6 months in a busy PICU and had to move out of the area. I ended up taking an ED job, which I start next week. I was an EMT for 6 years, but not much in-hospital emergency experience. I'm just getting a little nervous about starting my new job. I guess it's mostly because of the different mindset people keep telling me about when it comes to an ICU vs. an ED.

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    You will do great !! Floor nursing is completely different then the ED. We are all type A personalities, and very strong personalities . It's a fun world especially because it is a team environment . Ask millions of questions's okay. Ask questions ..and ask more ...I love it and can never see myself working on the floor. Take a deep breath..and have fun...
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    Remember the ED is controlled chaos . As rushed you may feel's okay your not alone ..and you will find that your instincts mean a million your gut ok that's all for now !

    Have a great first week !