starting in ER next month

  1. Hello. I am an RN with 18 mos of medsurg experience and I applied for and accepted a transfer to the ER! I just wanna know what can I do to prepare myself for working in the ER and how different is it compared to the floor? Anyone ever make the switch? Any advice appreciated
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  3. by   brainkandy87
    Yup, I got a job as a new grad on a step down unit and then transferred to the ER. There's a lot of things on the floor I learned that really help me in the ER. I think working on a tele floor and having to learn cardiac rhythms (and many times being the tech and having to monitor them all night) was the best thing I could've learned for the ER from the floor. It's nice transferring to a new job in the same hospital, that way you aren't completely shell shocked by orienting in the ER AND learning a completely new facility.
  4. by   dec 123
    Cool. Thanks for the info