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Resume help

  1. 0 So I want to beef up my résumé for school and just in general ... I work in a super busy level 2 trauma center with a high volume of all kinds of pts... I want to get some stats or at least word our work load appropriately on paper just need some pointers.... Any suggestions?
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    I've seen a lot of resumes that speak on the type of population their dept sees (all ages), how many they see (ie 250/day) and if it's a Trauma center. Also you could list skills/abilities regarding what type of patients you are proficient in caring for or equipment and software you are competent in.
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    Exactly what I was thinking. I talked to my manager today and felt the same way... We see like 350ish pretty consistently now and we all know what that means for turnover and pace... We are a fast moving bunch ! Thanks for the advice