Pressure infusers

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    Hi all,

    Do any of your EDs use pressure infusers with I/O devices? I know the ED where I work doesn't. Just CVADs and peripheral large bore lines?

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    We do. It's a central line. Any reason why not?
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    I need to ask my clinical educator, but from what I've heard it has something to do with the pressure exerted on the bone marrow?
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    Yes, you can use a pressure infuser with IO devices. The drip rate can vary due to the anatomy of the space, but IO's are usually inserted during emergent situations. Placing it on a pressure bag will allow quick delivery of medication and fluid. After that, the doc can drop in a central line or IV team can place a stat PICC line once stabilized. We usually practice with a pressure bag in order to get everything in as fast as possible. Keeping it open to gravity takes too long and sometimes (although rare), gravity isn't enough to overcome the pressure in the IO space.
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    In any facility I've worked, it's been policy that IO lines have to be run with a pressure bag.

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