Interview tips for ER position...please

  1. Hi guys! I'm new to AllNurses, and I'm also a new grad, and excited to begin my nursing career! I precepted 330 hours in ER, and discovered that I have a passion for it, which is something I did not expect! Now, all I want is to continue to work ER. I know it's not common for ED to hire new grads, but I've been fortunate enough to land an interview with ED at the facility I want to work for! I'm so excited, and I really want to nail this interview! Any tips would be GREATLY appreciated, as this will be my first nursing interview. Thanks!!!
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    Hi jj! Like you I am a new grad and I just got my first nursing job in an ER, it was my first nursing interview as well. Just practice interview questions and have an idea in your head about how you will answer common questions- why do you want to work here, how do you handle conflict, strengths/weaknesses... This was my main source of interview practice: I'm sure you will find it helpful. Something to remember when going in as a new grad is you aren't expected to know everything so be honest if you aren't familiar with something. Good luck!!