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Hello fellow nurses I'm in need of some advice. I started in the ER in May after leaving a tele floor for 8 months. I needed a change and wanted to advance and challenge myself. I'm having a tough time transitioning. I have even... Read More

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    Quote from NickiLaughs
    I would try to stick it out at least 6 months. Every job takes a minimum of 6 months to get the hang of. If you are still miserable at the 6 month mark, then I'd try transferring to another unit. Maybe Critical Care? It's a high learning curve, but definitely is complex. Good luck in whatever you decide!
    The OP has already resigned from the position.

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    If it's anything like where I work, it's a tough ER for any new to ER nurses, in fact we can't even keep experienced ones sometimes. Don't let it get you down.

    May you have some success and joy in whatever's next for you.

    And you sound like someone I've recently worked with. Best of luck to you.
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    Quote from CP2013
    The OP has already resigned from the position.
    Yeah I missed that when I initially posted. Good luck in your next position OP! I think some of us having more trouble finding our niche than others!
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    Whats the tele floor???
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    Quote from Du3du3
    Whats the tele floor???
    A telemetry floor in the US is a floor that specializes on monitoring the heart rhythm on patients all on one floor/ward. They are usually mostly ambulatory and less acute they don't require the intensive care.

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