How old is to old

  1. 0 How old would be too old for a ER nurse? Like a Trauma II hospital?
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    If the 'old' nurse is in decent physical condition and has no mental impediments that affect the thinking or judgment, the person is not too old.

    Although I do not work in the ED, one of my coworkers is a 70-year-old nurse who has excellent judgment, a witty mind, good physical health, and can move faster than nurses half her age.
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    I would say you are too old if you are dead. Other than that I can't see what age has to do with it. Maybe someone is not well enough or not fit enough but that can happen at any age.....

    "No day but today"
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    I hope it is 49. Because then I can retire soon!
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    I think the answer would vary depending on the capabilities and health of the nurse. I have worked with some nurses that were in their 70's that were still going strong.
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    32. I turn 32 in a week and am definitely getting too old for this.
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    As long as the walker does not interfere, it's all good.
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    In my former ER, I worked with a nurse who was in her 70s. She finally just retired, happily. Age is but a number!

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