Has anyone ever worked for Rhode Island Hospital ER? Has anyone ever worked for Rhode Island Hospital ER? | allnurses

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Has anyone ever worked for Rhode Island Hospital ER?

  1. 0 Hello, I am new here. I have an interview with RIH ER next week and was wondering if anyone had any experience with this ER. I have been a nurse for appx 9 years with 4 years in emergency nursing. This hospital is a Level 1 trauma center and teaching hospital. The ER I previously worked for shipped all of our trauma pts to this hospital. I am a little nervous basically the "unknown". I feel it will be a great learning experience but don't want to be "eaten alive"... Thanks for any resonses.
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    Never even heard of it, but you will be awesome! I went to the ER 1 year ago with only long term acute care experience...and I LOVE IT!

    You have an amazing opportunity to learn new things, and I bet with your experience, you will pick it up in no time. Good luck to YOU!
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    I bet that you are really further ahead in experience than you think you are. Nine years of experience with four in the ER, now that is something. You would be up to speed in no time, I am sure.