Getting those Medi-cal Copays

  1. 0 I have been trying to get those elusive co-pays from our Medi-cal patients. We don't have a "billing and registration clerk". I have to do that too! I have some luck by asking right after I have triaged (yes, I know this is probably not kosher) or the doctor has seen them. I have had some success with our frequent flyers by sending in the CNA just before I give them their narcotic shot/meds. They say "While
    the nurse prepares your medication, I need to collect your co-pay". Sorta underhanded, but it works 50% of the time. We are so tiny, and every penny counts. These same people usually are ETOH and cigarettes, fast food, etc. They claim they don't have the money, of course. Same old Same old. What are your tricks?
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