FT vs. PT vs. Per diem

  1. These "battles' have gone on for years. The full-timers feel as though they get ripped off because the part-timers can designate when and when they can't work. And of course, there is little respect for the per diem person who makes more money (who cares if there are no bennies). God Forbid- you become a "hired gun" -you know.."agency scum"...
    Is it no wonder Nursing will never be unified. The CEO's all sitting up their laughing at the in-fighting amongst nursing. That is one reason why I enjoyed pre-hospital so much- there wasn't the level of disgruntlement-or if there was- is was dealt to your face and then..over with...
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  3. by   JEANNE
    It will always be a problem, but it worst when these pool staff get to work full time day hours, when other staff on nights with years of seniority are still there, it seems like this pool per diem people have it made.