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    I'm currently an RN in New York working in relatively large, busy ED. Our department has a few Nurse Practitioners, and I'm hoping to continue to work in Emergency Medicine once I graduate from NP school.

    I was hoping to find some information from members here regarding which Emergency Departments in NY use NP's in the ED, and the role they fill (i.e seeing acute patients, see "fast track" patients only, procedures, etc.) and if any had programs specifically tailored to new NP's to rapidly orient them to the role (similar to the new RN "residency" or fellowship programs offered at many hospitals.

    I've called numerous HR departments, who can usually only tell me that the hospital hires NP's in general, and asking around doesn't seem to turn up much info either. Thank you all!
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    my experience has been that rural EDs typically utilize emergency NPs.

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