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  1. 0 Books are outdated before they are printed. Does anyone know some good online resources and/or methods to stay up to date on the latest research? Peer reviews are too particular and frankly take up too much of my time. Help!
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    I use medscape emergency medicine and it's free but it's not for CEU's......are you a nursing student? Continuing education for.....? Any nursing publication, website, certification offers CEU's are you looking for references' for school?
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    This is not for CEUs, but the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) in the Department of Health and Human Services have excellent resources regarding current research being done.
    I receive a monthly magazine of all the current research being studied and it's free.

    They have other online and printed materials you may want.

    Health Care: Research Activities, Online Newsletter Subdirectory Page
    Perhaps this will help you with your research.