Best way to get going as a new grad in the ER?

  1. Hello everyone!

    I recently graduated from my RN program and have accepted a position in the Emergency Department. I'm one month into my twelve week orientation and am loving my experience! What is the best way for me to get up to speed besides time and experience?

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  3. by   JesseJ
    Congrats on your new residency! I am just coming out of residency (I started last July) The biggest thing that helped me when I started getting flustered was remembering: Is this patient dying? If the question is no. They can wait. My preceptor pounded in to me that the most important things to establish in residency were sick vs. not sick assessment, prioritization, and time management. For myself it felt like something clicked around the 6 month mark and I was no longer so focused on the technical skills and was able to start using my brain more. Best of luck and enjoy the ride.